March is the month of Apostle - Special Promotion

Special Promotion - niche fragrance - apostle

“100% Australian owned and developed artisan fragrance range”

This month MetaScent is showcasing the beautiful Apostle niche perfume brand, created by our very own MetaScent CEO Janelle Donnelly. 

The Brand & the Perfumer: 
Inspired by the wanderluster who is lured by the discovery of the unexplored and created for the sensory innovator who welcomes the unknown, Apostle captures the olfactive artistry of authentic and unique destinations.

The brand was born from Janelle’s desire to bring to life the unique landscapes she’s traversed, coupled with her belief that the production of an artist is the expression of an adventure of their soul. 

Janelle was born in Australia and prior to becoming a perfumer she had a successful corporate career in environmental planning and law.

Intrigued by the power of fragrance as a form of storytelling to create authentic experiences that deeply engage, she embarked on an olfactive journey to learn the art of scent. 

Folio Collection #1
Janelle's first collection for Apostle, Folio Collection 1, is truly a tribute to the rawness of the vast Australian landscape and the grittiness of its urban cosmopolitan cities to depict the true essence of Australia.

As a token of appreciation to our loyal MetaScent customers, Janelle is offering 20% off the Folio #1 Discover Set, now available online and in-store. Don't miss out! 

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