By MetaScent Australia


BESPOKE PERFUME | Crafting you story

Why purchase a fragrance, when you can create one? The authentic MetaScent process harks back to classical perfume making days, when perfume was an art form rather than a manufacturing process. We have brought the individual back into fragrance design. Our perfumers will take you on an, often emotional, scent journey, discovering the notes behind both your significant memories and the desired
impression you wish to leave on those you meet. The result will be an evocative MetaScent creation that is utterly unique to your taste and sensibility.

Tell us your story, and our MetaScent Perfumers will create a ONE & ONLY fragrance just for you. A truly unique gift and experience to be treasured, our Bespoke Perfume is also a wonderful tribute for someone you love as a custom made gift.

Bespoke Perfume are held every Wednesday at 10:30am or email us at to make a booking and select your preferred date and time. A MetaScent perfumer will contact you to confirm your appointment. 

*In purchasing a bespoke perfume gift certificate, I agree that it is only valid until the end of May 2021


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