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The sky above, the earth below, between them the venerable mulberry tree offers a luminous haven of repose.



P U R I T Y [pyoor-i-tee] A collection of scents that creatively depict elements within our natural atmosphere.

The heart of the Metascent's Purity Collection is inspired by the idea of pure beauty and reflected in six different elements using raw materials endemic across continents the Pacific Ocean. Each and every element plays its own part harmoniously in this earthy symphony to create a heightened and crisp awareness of the natural environment around you. Suddenly, everything feels magical yet so simple.

A collaboration of Metacent's own acclaimed perfumers Yen Huynh and Janelle Donnelly and Chris Gordan, one of USA's most exciting perfumers.



The nostalgic Mura is a highly unique mulberry leaf accord with a mild floral heart of magnolia. The cashmere base note combines blissfully with the floral notes. Beginning with lightly sweet mulberry and leaf accord, Mura leads you on a very delighted top note. One second and all your teenage memories start to flash back. Then as time goes on, the girl becomes tender and sensitive with hints of summer flowers. These middle notes stay around you with the more subtle and feminine scents of jasmine, magnolia and rose. Progressing to deep Cashmere musk in Mura’s base note, the lady finally enter her maturity with bold personalities. The lady never forgets her rustic past when she was utterly free to dream.



TOP NOTE: Mulberry and Leaf Accord

MIDDLE NOTE: Jasmine, Magnolia and Rose

BASE NOTE: Cashmere Musk



Chris Gordan


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