By Laboratorio Olfattivo


Created after embarking on a journey in search of eastern mysteries, Kashnoir is a powerful scent made of narcotic flowers, psychotropic herbs and haunted spices. More than a fragrance, Kashnoir is a soft lethal drug, that obscures reason and stuns the senses...

Kashnoir is a scent that starts warm and bright, alternating shades of fresh Citrus with deep touches of Lavender. A discreet opening that leads to a hypnotic heart, full of passion, that evolves for many hours, made by a very high quality Orange blossom absolute combined with an oriental velvety Rose and a handful of green Coriander.

Top notes: Lemon essense, bergamot essense and lavender essense.
Mid notes: Coriander essence, rose essence and orange blossom.
Base notes: Patchouli essense, benzoin, heliotrope and vanilla.