By Y25

"My heart falls for those old mosses aisles”
Walking along the beautiful ancient aisles of Hanoi and breathing the nostalgic scent made up of a musty agar wood note, a tender touch of hot cinnamon, a deeply soft, creamy sandalwood scent and a deep, darkly green note of mosses.  
And this pensive, introspective old town is romanticized by the dreamingly sweet scent of magnolia blossom in the hidden corners of the old town making the town a distinctive antique treasure chest that can be found nowhere else but Hanoi.
La Automme De Hanoi – tracing the scent to the old town keeping the heart 


Top note: Magnolia, Bergamot
Middle note: Sandalwood, Cinnamon
Base note: Agar Wood, Moss, Olibanum Musk