By Y25

"I glide through the wind and ride upon the waves"
The sunlights, the hot sands and the miraculous changeable water color of Nha Trang beach, La mer de Nhatrang is graced with distinctive sensual salty note of tropical sea.
It’s the musty, salty facet of Ambergris and castoreum notes with a bright citrus top note that release a coo-pressing, refreshing and sensual marine scent sparkling under the warm sunlight thank to the presence of vibrant genarium and Damask rose used as the middle notes
Like the wind blowing from the ocean bringing the cooling, fresh and distinctive aroma of sea water
La Mer De Nha Trang - a fresh drop of love



Top note: Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot
Middle note: Water Lily, Damask Rose, Carnation
Base note: Ambergris, Castoreum, Seaweed