With fragrance notes inspired by the dream-like paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, MetaScent's Four Seasons Solid Perfume Collection has something for every season and everyone.

Pink Cloud - Spring
Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
Inspired by "Almond Blossoms", this fragrance is perfect for the season where fruits and sweet blooms signal love, new life, hope and growth.

Starry Night - Summer
The last rose of summer.
Inspired by "Starry Night", where swirling clouds and exploding stars conjure an opulent floral opening, followed by a lingering earthy base.

Fall, In Love - Autumn
Autumn leaves shower like gold...
"Vase with Red Poppies" inspired this smooth-as-silk autumn offering, with a citrus note over a sweet floral heart and an exotic wood base.
By A Fireside - Winter
When snow falls, nature listens.
Think moments by the fire, with the scent of wood smoke and undertones of warm, sweet vanilla and a hot chocolate in your hand. "Irises" inspired this Australian winter perfume. 
Made in Melbourne with finest materials.
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