The creative minds behind MetaScent are entrepreneurial perfumers Yen Huynh and Janelle Donnelly. Janelle and Yen who met studying professional perfumery abroad, decided to collaborate together to expand their creativity and share their passion with others. Inspired by deep connections of fragrance, which have the ability to inspire and empower is what brought Yen and Janelle together to create MetaScent. MetaScent aims to connect the individual with the perfume design process so that customers can accentuate their own personal brand. Their love and passion for the perfume making process has resulted in the establishment of one of only a few Australian working perfume studios in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Yen Huynh

As an internationally renowned perfumer, Ms.Yen Huynh started her olfactory adventure 10 years ago with the passion of scent story telling. In 2013, Yen established Nau Nau - a 100% natural brand specialized in beauty care products and perfume creations. Yen decided to write a new chapter in her olfactory adventure and dedicate her passion for the world of fragrances.

With her gifted sensation for scents and her endless love for her motherland - Yen captured and bottled the  Y25 collection. Yen has released a number of acclaimed fragrances and published several books on fragrance, design and styling. Born in Vietnam, Yen travels world in search of the finest ingredients for her fragrances. Exquisite, rare and selective raw materials collected locally and globally.

Janelle Donnelly

Born in Australia, Janelle's desire was to bring to life the unique Australian landscapes she's traversed, coupled with the belief that the production of an artist is the expression of an adventure of their soul. Intrigued by the power of fragrance as a form of story telling to create authentic experiences that deeply engage, she embarked on an olfactive journey to learn the art of scent.

Janelle's background in environmental science and law gave her a great appreciation of the natural beauty and landscapes of her homeland which she incorporated into her perfume line Apostle. Apostle brings to life, the rawness of the vast Australian landscape and the grittiness of its urban cosmopolitan cities, each named after a unique beautiful location in Australia.