Acclaimed perfumers Janelle Donnelly and Yen Huynh believed that Melbourne consumers deserved to be part of the artistic process intrinsic to creating the scent that tells one's story.

In 2017 they founded Metascent Australia, a perfume studio and retail boutique, with the simple idea of bringing the craftsmanship back into perfume making.

The Metascent process connects the individual with the bespoke perfume design journey so that they can accentuate their own personal brand.

The perfume studio has a focus on perfumer workshops and consultations. From bridal to private label, scent marketing and unique fragrance events, the Metascent team of perfume experts can accommodate any fragrance need, guiding clients through an immersive journey of scent discovery.

In essence Metascent gives those with discerning taste access to both niche artisan fragrances and the opportunity to create their own signature scent.