Australian Botanical Discovery Set

Australian Botanical Discovery Set


Immerse yourself in the essence of Australia's natural beauty with our Australian Botanicals Collection. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted using native Australian botanicals, capturing the vibrant and delicate scents of the landscape. From the invigorating notes of eucalyptus and lemon myrtle to the subtle aromas of wildflowers and native spices, this collection is a true celebration of Australia's diverse flora.

Collection Includes:

  • Snow Gum
  • Fire Banksia
  • Moreton Bay Fig
  • Waratah Sunset
  • Desert Pea Mirage
  • Wildflowers & Acacia


  • 6 x 2ml Eau de Parfum
  • Made in Melbourne

This collection makes a perfect gift for nature lovers and those who cherish the unique beauty of Australia.