IRISH COFFEE - Eau de parfum

IRISH COFFEE - Eau de parfum

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Irish Coffee Perfume by Metascent is a warm and cozy fragrance that captures the essence of a classic Irish coffee. The scent features notes of coffee, whiskey, cream, and sugar, creating a rich and indulgent aroma.

The top notes of the fragrance are dominated by the rich and robust aroma of freshly brewed coffee, providing a warm and invigorating start. The heart of the fragrance is composed of notes of whiskey and cream, adding a touch of sweetness and a smooth, velvety texture to the scent. The addition of sugar brings a touch of sweetness to the fragrance, rounding out the aroma and creating a well-balanced and satisfying scent.

The base of the fragrance is composed of warm and comforting ingredients that provide longevity and depth to the scent. The result is a rich and indulgent fragrance that evokes the comforting and cozy feeling of sipping on a warm Irish coffee on a chilly evening.

Overall, the Irish Coffee Perfume by Metascent is a perfect choice for those who enjoy warm, cozy, and indulgent scents. It is perfect for wearing during the colder months and is a great fragrance for casual and everyday wear.


Top Notes: Coffee, Citrus

Heart Notes: Coffee, Cream, Whiskey

Base Notes: Vanilla, Cedarwood


Sillage: Moderate
Longevity: 8-10 hours


Made in Melbourne